Complaint Management

Complaint Management

Express One lays special emphasis on investigating complaints and indemnification claims.

Our goal is to explore the exact reasons of the problem and, as set forth by the General Terms and Conditions, come to a conclusion of each issue, with the consent of all parties, within the shortest time possible, but at most within 30 days following the receipt of the complaint.

Complaints and indemnification requests may be submitted in writing only, within a six-month time limitation following the date of sending the package (or of filling in the record – see below).

As far as possible, we strive to introduce preventive measures (e.g. by reorganizing certain processes or communication channels) that help us minimize the chance of repeated mishaps.

All received complaints get registered and are carried along an internal procedure that guarantees their unbiased, objective judgment.

Based on their subject matter, complaints may have to be submitted either to our customer service,
or to the finance department:

Issues to be submitted to the customer service:

  • Operational problems (late or partial delivery, loss, mistakes made by couriers etc.)

Contact information of the complaint managers:

In case of international deliveries:

Issues to be submitted to the finance department:

  • Modifying the payer (of the freight), wrong payer provided

  • Invoice complaints due to missed shipment consolidation

  • Technical complaints related to invoices (wrong buyer name, wrong payment deadline etc.)

Contact information of our finance department:

Damages management

These special complaints involve the destruction, full or partial loss, or the injury of consignments.

In order that the measure of responsibility of all relevant parties may be established beyond doubt, indemnification claims need to meet strict formal conditions. Basically, indemnification claims can be made by the sender.

Kártérítésre vonatkozó reklamáció

Any indemnification claims can only be accepted in writing, providing the number of the waybill and attaching the following documents:

  • Indemnification Claim Sheet (original copy!)

  • Damages or Loss Record taken at the time of the delivery (or at any phase of the shipment, when the damage was perceived)

  • Document(s) certifying the content of the package

  • The document certifying the net sum to be recompensed


In case the damage was caused by unavoidable events beyond Express One’ powers; or by improper packaging; or by wrong or double address, Express One cannot be held responsible for it, and in no case will it be responsible for indirect damages or missed profits.

In case of international shipments, indemnification takes place in accordance with the provisions of the international CMR convention.

Contact information of our damages officer: