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1. Filling in the Pickup Form

Depending on whether you want to use our services as a company or a private person, please choose and fill in the appropriate Pickup Form, available also from the Downloadable Documents menu:

Pickup Form for companies
Pickup Form for private persons

It is recommended to save the form as a template to your own computer, so that next time you will only have to modify the data of the addressee.

2. Sending the form to our customer service

Please provide your contact information and the place of pickup accurately, so that our colleagues may get in touch with you or the competent contact person in case of need.

The filled in form can be submitted to any of the following addresses

Faxon: +36 1 8 777 499

Upon receipt of your shipment request by our customer service, you will receive an automated confirmation.

3. Preparing and packaging your consignment

Had you not done it previously, please prepare and package your consignment before our courier arrives. As for the types, dimension and weight limitations, as well as the packaging and addressing of your consignments, you may find some useful information in the General Terms and Conditions or its abstract.

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

4. Providing the address: Filling in the Waybill

One of the most important steps is to accurately fill in the waybill received from our courier when he arrives to you, and to stick it on your consignment.

This three-copy, self-copying, bar-coded document will provide all the information for our employees to successfully forward and deliver your package. The waybill shall always be filled in by the sender, authenticating it by his or her signature. The first copy of the waybill shall be attached to the package, the second copy shall be given to our courier, and the third copy shall remain with the sender.

5. Handing your package over

As soon as you hand your package over to our courier, you have nothing else to do.

However, if afterwards you want to modify or correct something, or maybe add some information related to shipment, please contact our customer service as soon as possible by calling +36 1 8 777 400 or writing to!

If you want to follow the route of your consignment and be assured of its delivery, choose the Package Tracing option in our menu, where you may enter your waybill number and get real-time information on the status of shipment.

Further useful information:

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