Contactless Delivery

Our goal is to minimize the personal contact during delivery; thus, the consignee would refuse to sign the device used by our couriers at delivery, the shortly presented method below can be used to verify successful deliveries.

1.) The consignee informs the driver that he/she would like to choose the contact free delivery
2.) By clicking on the link inside the prenotification e-mail received prior of delivery, or using the webpage a window suitable to enter a code will appear
3.) The code will be provided by our courier on sight
4.) By clicking the button “confirm” the signature field will appear where the consignee is able to verify the receiving of the signature on their own mobile device
5.) After pressing the “save signature” button it will send it to the courier’s device who will check on his own device if the signing was successful, following this the parcels physical hand over will commence.

The main criteria of the contact free delivery are that the consignee has adequate mobile internet traffic on their devices.