Coronavirus information

Dear Customers & Partners,

Due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, our organization has introduced several preventive measures to limit the options of spreading the infection. We are constantly monitoring and following the rules and regulations and the recommendations of local and international authorities and organizations, such as the World Health Organization. We are prepared and committed to act to changes immediately if necessary. Our primary objective is to maintain a frictionless high-quality delivery service while focusing on the health and safety of our couriers and the entire staff.

Possible limitations to domestic services

Please note that in case of any enforced lockdowns, quarantines or further mobility-limiting measures by local authorities, Express One Hungary Kft. will temporarily suspend its service to (delivery) and from (pick-up) these places. Should such measure affect a town where Express One Hungary Kft. operates one of its delivery depots, the service suspension will affect the entire service region of that given delivery depot.
We ask you not to ship to locations that are affected by temporary service limitations. In case we receive such shipments, we would immediately return them to the sender. The affected regions are published on this webpage. We thank you for your cooperation.

Possible limitations to international services

International export shipments could also be affected by limiting regulations of our transit or delivery partners’ local authorities leading to necessary service adjustments. We are in continuous contact with our international partners to learn about the current status of limitations. Due to the very dynamic nature of this situation, we ask you to get in direct contact with your Express One sales representative or with our international customer service at to learn about the present network status.

Please find below further detailed general information referring to measures around the COVID-19 pandemic. These files are available only in Hungarian language. If you require further assistance, please contact your Express One sales representative or our international customer service at
As the current environment is very dynamic, the information provided on this webpage is subject to change without notice.

Contactless Delivery

Furthermore, we kindly introduce you our new contactless delivery process which is an integral part of our daily operations since March 17, 2020 and is available to all domestic consignees. Our principal target is to minimize personal contact throughout the delivery process.

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