General Agreement and Invoicing

For domestic services

In case you have regular shipment needs (i.e. sending several packages on each occasion on a regular basis) it is recommendable to contact our sales representatives and enter into a customized general contract with discount prices.

An important condition of such a contract is that the freight is paid always by the contracting party.

Customized conditions

Discounts are calculated not only on the basis of the frequency of shipments, but also with respect to other information, such as the characteristics of the packages to be shipped, the services requested with the shipments and more.

A general agreement, however, does not only mean customized conditions, but also provides further benefits, including the following:

  • access to our free client software, so that you will not have to fill in the waybill every time, but simply print the automatically generated label;
  • availability of the sms and e-mail notification services;
  • individually determined pickup times that can be set as regular;
  • joint invoicing of shipments from several premises;
  • an e-mailed list of transferred CODs to specified e-mail addresses;
  • e-mailed invoice attachments to specified e-mail addresses;
  • e-mailed delivery information that can be imported to the client software;
  • searching with your own ID in our Track and Trace system;
  • earliest access to our latest news, novelties and developments.


For domestic services, we prepare and send grouped invoices for all of our Clients on a biweekly basis (1st through 15th and 16th through 30th/31st of the month, respectively), that have to be settled by bank transfer with a 12 day payment term, containing each shipment and their cumulated sum total.

The annexes to the invoices are sent by e-mail at the time of signing the contract, or to the mailing addresses provided in the downloadable form “Consent to receive E-invoice annexes”.

If the shipment is paid for by the addressee:

Even though our company provides the opportunity for the shipment fee to be paid by the addressee to our courier based on a cash invoice at the time of the delivery (caution: this is not to be mistaken for the cash on delivery service), in this case the courier will always collect the sum in accordance with the valid tariff (see Appendix 2 of the GTC), and no discounts laid down in the client’s unique general agreement will be taken into account.

For international services

Customized conditions

For regular international shipments it is also advisable to request an individualized price quote from our sales department. Our Client Software offers the opportunity to send export consignments as well, and if you have import needs, you only have to fill in and send a downloadable Pickup Form to our international customer service.


For international services, we prepare grouped invoices (1st through 30th/31st of the month), that have to be settled by bank transfer with a 12 day payment term, containing each shipment and their cumulated sum total. Detailed annexes are also sent together with invoices.
International services can be used only with the Client pays option, that is the freight has to be paid invariably by the Client.

Ha a Címzett fizeti a fuvardíjat:

Bár cégünk belföldön biztosítja azt a szolgáltatást, hogy a fuvardíjat a címzett fizesse meg futárunknak a küldemény kézbesítésének időpontjában (vigyázat, nem keverendő össze az utánvétes kézbesítéssel!).

Ez esetben futárunk mindig az aktuális alapdíjszabás szerint (ÁSZF 2. sz. melléklet), készpénzfizetési számla ellenében szedi be a fuvardíjat a kézbesítés időpontjában. A megbízó egyedi keretszerződésben szereplő kedvezményeket tehát ebben az esetben nem tudjuk érvényesíteni a címzettnek kiállított számlában.

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