More than 1,500 Parcel Points nationwide

Our Parcel Point network offers a most flexible delivery option.

National Coverage

National Parcel Point network with more than 1,500 locations.

Delivery Within 24 Hours

Delivery to a Parcel Point within 24 hours on working days.

Flexible Pick-Up

Parcels can be available for up to one week in 0-24 hours at the specified Parcel Point.

Cash on Delivery Option

Depending on the Parcel Point, you can make COD payment in cash or by card.

How can you ask for delivery to a Parcel Point or a Parcel Machine?

Most of our business partners offer a flexible pick-up option for their recipients already during the placement of an order. This allows customers to pick up their parcels at the time and place most suitable for them, starting from the next working day.

By direct addressing

You can record these deliveries directly on our online parcel management platform (webCAS) or via webservice contact. You can also use our service as an occasional customer on the eBOX platform.

Our flexible delivery service offers one single possibility for the customers to modify the delivery details by redirecting the parcels to a parcel shop or a parcel locker.


For parcel redirection, use the link in the messages you receive on the morning of the first delivery.

Recipients can use the parcel shops points or parcel lockers to send the products back to a webshop that did not meet their needs. Ask the webshop about the details of how products can be sent back.

Sending back products

As your logistics partner, we adapt to almost any solution of return sending