Cash on delivery (COD)

We deliver COD parcels up to the worth of 1 million HUF when payment is made by credit card. For amounts up to 300,000 HUF, cash payment for COD parcels is also possible. Payments collected by cash or card will be transferred to the consignor’s bank account on the working day following successful delivery unless instructed otherwise by the shipper.

Our COD service is available in several countries.

The service is available for the following delivery types:

Consignee notifications

Our shipment pre notifications sent via e-mail or sms ensure that both parties get all the relevant information on time.

The time frame sent to the consignees in the first notification will be narrowed down to a 2 hour interval on the morning of the delivery day. The new message includes the name of the shipper, the contacts of the courier and the amount of the COD that needs to be paid if applicable.

The messages will be sent automatically to the consignee contacts provided by the customer.

The service is available for the following delivery types:

Flexible Delivery for All recipients

On the morning of the first delivery, we send an sms or e-mail to the consignees with a link that enables them to do the following modifications:

  • redirect the parcel originally sent as a home delivery to a parcel locker or a parcel shop (delivery is possible on the same day)
  • modify the address to a different one (delivery on the next day)
  • modify address to the address of a neighbour (delivery on the same day)
  • modify address to the nearest Express One depo (delivery is possible on the same day)
  • modify delivery date (to maximum 5 days later)
  • modify/enter recipient’s phone number
  • COD payment in advance by card, online, before delivery

The service is available for the following delivery types:

Additional shipment insurance

Insurance is included in the shipping fee in case of each shipment of value under HUF 100,000. This service allows customers to request additional insurance for their parcel’s worth, between HUF 100,000 and 500,000.

Transparent, prompt notifications

The exact up-to-date details of the delivery reach immediately the recipients by e-mail or sms, allowing them when necessary to ask for a modification of the delivery time or to redirect the parcel to a Parcel shop / Parcel locker.

Return pick up

During delivery, we can take parcels (items of warranty or servicing) from the recipient and ship them back to the sender on the next working day. These parcels must be prepared by the recipient for shipping.

The return parcels must be of the same packing unit and nearly of the same weight and dimensions as the originals.

The service is available for the following delivery types:

Document handling (document return)

Our courier can have documents attached to the parcels signed by the recipient and return them back to the shipper.

Itemized Delivery

In case the consignor requests above service, we unpack the product in the presence of the recipient and check together its contents compared to the delivery note to verify the completeness of the products inside.

The service is available for the following delivery types:

Time defined Delivery

If time defined delivery service is requested, we deliver the parcels sent to a hypermarket within a provided time window of a minimum duration of 2 hours.

The service is available for the following delivery types: