Shipping is in good hands with us

We guarantee the safe and reliable delivery of your parcels.

Business partners are our priority

Our national and international networks allow us to easily adapt to the special requirements of our business partners.

Domestic delivery within 24 hours

We know how important fast delivery is for our business partners. On the business day after dispatch, we guarantee that all the recipients receive their parcels before the end of working hours. Competitive offer for all market participants.

Customized Offers

Our pricings suit the characteristics of your products and the number of the parcel volume.

Out of home network

Thanks to our national network of more than 1,500 parcel points, you can provide flexible parcel pick-up for all your customers. Our goal is to help you to manage customer orders in an excellent way and exceed your market competitors.

Redirect Parcels

With our parcel redirection service, your recipients can modify the address of the shipment online. This provides flexible parcel pick-up adapting to their schedule thus guaranteeing greater satisfaction.

Parcel Tracking

In case your consignee would like to receive get fast and relevant information at all times they can use our parcel tracking service. You can track the route of the parcel from dispatch to delivery by using the parcel ID. As a shipper, you will receive up-to-date information regarding all the changes occurring in the status of the parcels.


Our company strategy includes several sustainability measures, which measures beside environment protection, diversity also focus on the customer. We aim at serving our clients with a CO2 emission-free network by 2030.

We share common interests!

Our business partners can rest assured that we work for their customers’ full satisfaction each day.

Customer Integration

Our user-friendly online parcel management platform enables you to record and place your orders with just a few clicks. You can connect your company management system with the webservice connection developed by our company.

COD payment

We are always taking exclusive care to transfer the shipments value collected value as fast and most precisely as possible. The collected amounts will be transferred to our consignor’s bank account on the business day after the delivery of the parcel in case of domestic shipments, regardless of that the recipient has paid by card or cash.

International Destinations

Our mother company, the Austrian Post and our international relations connect us to the countries of the region. The quality of our logistics service is guaranteed by our sister companies in the neighbouring countries and our Eurodis partners in more distant European destinations.


We are at your disposal with warehousing services as well. This service includes the warehousing and commissioning of commercial goods in addition to their delivery to the designated destination.

Innovative Warehousing Technology

In our central warehouse, safe and fast sorting is provided by automatized transmission tracks of the latest technology.

Combi Freight

In addition to the delivery of parcels less than 40 kg, which parcels can be handled with manual force, we also transport palletized goods within the territory of Hungary, using the same network! You can complete all administration by using the same surface, instead of coordinating with several different logistics networks.

The Austrian Post Group in numbers

logistics centres
million parcels
subsidiaries in 9 countries

Who are we?

The transport team that guarantees the delivery of your parcels within 24 hours through Hungary.

Our expertise of more than 25 years makes us one of the best courier providers within the domestic courier market. Our mother company, the Austrian Post and our international relations connect us to the countries of the region. The strategy of Express One Hungary is to be an innovative logistics service provider that offers outstanding quality to all the customers.

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How do we work?

Cohesive teamwork, flexible solutions, fast delivery.

Our more than 550 couriers nationwide work, day by day to deliver the parcels in the most reliable way to the recipients. Meanwhile our customer service, handles your requests and questions as a priority and offers a full range of services.

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Let’s work together!

Let’s make a joint success story out of our partnership.